Heroes – episode 21

“The Hard Part”

I only make fun of Heroes because I like it most of the time!
Despite this, I have a difficult time reconciling a lot of the apparent contradictions involved with the web becoming ever tighter.


Team Niki/Jessica: Jessica and DL break into Linderman’s art room, where they find his stalking files and a painting of Micah perishing in flames. This is not a sight that cheers them.

Team Micah: Micah tries to escape from the high rise in which he has been kept, but Candice won’t hear any of that! He gets caught in a loop until he does her bidding.

Team Petrelli: Mamma Petrelli tells Nathan that she has worked too hard and too long not to blow up New York. Reluctantly, Nathan agrees that it should be done.

Team Sylar: Hiro and Ando stalk Sylar. Sylar freaks out upon painting Ted and figures that he might steal that power and blow up New York. Sylar visits Mamma Sylar and tries to bring himself back to a life of clock fixing, but his mother tells him that he has the potential to be so much more than that – he could even be president! Sylar proves his specialness by turning the room into a snow globe, and accidentally hurting his mother. As these stories often go, these scenes culminate with Sylar accidentally killing his mother with a pair of scissors. Hiro freezes time and attempts to kill Sylar, but Sylar snaps out of the time freeze and declares Hiro too cowardly to go through with it. Hiro teleports away, his sword broken (and somehow convinced that his power is gone again despite the fact that it’s worked perfectly fine for most of the episode).
Naturally, Sylar decides to paint a mural of the future out of his mother’s blood. Here he gets the idea to become President. I don’t know either.

Team Bennet: Bennet tells Ted and Matt that they need to take out the Walker System, located in New York. Ted has been working on his non-fatal powers, which they use to hotwire a car.

Team Mohinder: Mohinder is employed by Thompson to cure Molly Walker, who has the same power as Shanti (Mohinder’s deceased sister). Molly has the power, when healthy, of locating anyone, anywhere. If you’re playing along, this means that Bennet has employed his team to take out a little girl.

Team Claire: Peter Petrelli employs Claire to take him out if he appears to be beginning to explode. Claire freaks out when she sees Thompson talking to Nathan, and they get out to the Kirby Centre. There they meet Team Bennet and … Peter Petrelli appears to be thinking of exploding!

The whole idea that Mamma Petrelli is secretly evil (if not evil, then certainly morally ambiguous) is difficult to comprehend. If she’s always been in with Linderman, and I am assuming here that they used to run together in the same Super Hero Circle, then why would Linderman have sprung that car accident on Nathan “six months ago”? Unless, of course, that was a ploy to unlock his latent power, but even then … innocent people got hurt! Rena Sofer, people!
Then, of course, there’s the whole “Thompson wants to dispose of Claire” bit. I suppose Mamma Petrelli may not have disclosed to Thompson that Claire was her granddaughter, but seeing as how Linderman knows everything, I find this a difficult concept to swallow. I still prefer people working at cross-purposes.
Speaking of which, whatever happened to Claude? I hope he shows up in some sort of Deus Ex Machina set up to save Bennet’s life, because that would be several shades of awesome.

The Sylar stuff in this episode was good, showing that he has deep-seated “mother” issues. Mamma Sylar never thought that clockwork was good enough for Sylar, so it’s clear that all of his schemes to attain greatness have come from an urge to please his mother (who appears to be living something of a dead-end, cobwebbed life herself).
Not only did we get the eager to please Sylar, we also got the idea that he has a basic sense of humanity inside him. He doesn’t believe in the death of innocents; he just considers the other people with powers to be outside that field. They’re a deviation, and he has to cleanse the world of their kind so that he can be the one true special. The idea that he would throw in all of his homicidal ways to save potentially millions of people was somewhat noble of him.
If it weren’t for the fact that killing his mother has probably irreperably snapped him, there would have been a good chance he could turn good and go against the clearly insane Company led by Linderman. Linderman’s corporation has always claimed to be couched in sanity, which shows you that clearly they are nothing of the sort.
These are important life lessons to learn when you’re dealing with shady companies. They are not for the greater good, I assure you.

It was suggested to me as I watched the episode that Micah is going to be used to rig the voting in Nathan’s favour; this makes sense because it’s not like he’s done any active campaigning since the days when he was a dick and said “I will cash in on my brother’s [fake] suicide attempt to garner your votes”. Why Micah would need to burn up to achieve this end, I’ve got no idea.
I would generally say I’m not a fan of infanticide, but Micah’s sudden de-characterisation after the turning point of this series made me sick of him. “I took thousands of dollars from ATMs!” never came to anything. Regardless of the fact that he didn’t assault anyone or anything, that is still theft, my friends.

I believe that Molly Walker is from the second episode, and that she may be the little girl that Matt saved from the house where everyone died. The magic of genetics means that Mohinder is trying his own blood as an anti-body, and perhaps he is the cure for mutancy. I had to wonder why someone with the locating ability would have a degenerative condition, and one has to wonder if this means that all powers are degenerative and if Mohinder blood will be the cure-all for defective powers. It’s worth asking.

In summary: Matt Parkman is an idiot. I don’t particularly want anyone in the Heroes finales to die, but if he’s one of them … that’s fine by me.

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