Possible Reasons A Good Year Failed

I saw A Good Year before it saw wide release, but things got the better of me and I didn’t get around to writing of it. Since then, it has been considered a major flop – by Rupert Murdoch himself. Let us consider why, in list form, this is:

  • Russell Crowe is no longer a marketable actor.
      Rather like Michael Jackson, people have found it hard to separate the “art” from the “artist”. Crowe isn’t a pedophile, but his temper is more famous than himself. This is why Cinderella Man failed at the box office, despite being quite good (it did the sort of business that The Da Vinci Code deserved).
  • Hating the French has become one of America’s favourite pastimes in recent years.
      Americans love hating the French; why an American would want to see Russell Crowe fall in love with France and a French woman boggles the mind. If you applied the mindset to the British, the movie is essentially about forsaking Queen and Country for Sunshine and Sand.
  • Young Australian film enthusiasts still hate Abbie Cornish for Somersault.
      Also she speaks with a Scarlett Johansson accent. It’s scary.
  • Rabid Gene Wilder fans blame Freddie Highmore for Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
      Hey, it could happen – just look at the point about hating the French.

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