The Dark Knight: Epilogue

I saw The Dark Knight tonight. It came out a day earlier than advertised, yet all of the sessions were still sold out. At the end of the experience, I had a conversation with Raymond. You must keep in mind that, upon watching Blade Runner with me, Raymond asked me what a replicant was.

Credits: In loving memory of our friend Heath Ledger.

Raymond: Why is it in memory of Heath Ledger?
Alex: Because he died six months ago. Where have you been?
Raymond: I know that he died, but why is it in his memory? Was he originally going to play Batman or something?
Alex: Heath Ledger played the Joker.
Raymond: Heath Ledger played the Joker?!
Alex: What the fuck!?
Raymond: I couldn’t tell! So they made that movie before he died?
Alex: I have no words.

The movie was insanely tense. You should watch it!

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