Noir – episodes 17 to 26

March 28, 2004 on 3:04 pm | In Noir | Comments Off on Noir – episodes 17 to 26

Noir was one of the most thrilling, twisting anime series that I have seen since Vision of Escaflowne – in fact, I can’t remember how long it has been since I’ve seen something so surprising. Many series get their dramatic impact from the characters finding out something that the audience has known all along – for example, that Misao was Pixy Misa.
Noir is one that keeps everyone guessing all along.
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Noir – episodes 14 to 16

March 25, 2004 on 11:03 pm | In Noir | Comments Off on Noir – episodes 14 to 16

Noir is an amazing beast. The appearance of Chloe and Altena gave the impression of being the series’ vitality, then they all but disappeared and the strengths of Mireille and Kirika became more apparent.
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Noir – episodes 11 to 13

March 24, 2004 on 10:04 pm | In Noir | Comments Off on Noir – episodes 11 to 13

Worthwhile questions and increasingly pertinent plotlines make Noir a forever improving series.
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Noir – episodes one to ten

March 24, 2004 on 12:58 pm | In Noir | 1 Comment

I gave up watching Noir last year after the third disc, when it became too good to wait two months between each set of episodes. One year after the first disc’s release, the seventh and final came out last week and I decided to watch it all.
I’m still in the episodes that I’ve already seen.
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