Anime Notebook: RahXephon

April 16, 2006 on 1:40 am | In Notebook, RahXephon | Comments Off on Anime Notebook: RahXephon

It appears that at least three people enjoyed my previous notebook effort, so I shall make it a semi-weekly feature.
This notebook apparently has, under City Hunter 2 episode 50: “Goodbye, Hardboiled City (part two)”, “He is skilled in panty warfare”. Fair enough. Context is nothing in the face of such a quote!

This entry is slightly more serious than that; here I chronicle my experience with RahXephon, which was really a jumble to my eyes. I’ve decided to put in every entry as this serves a more academic purpose than simply “laffs”. Which is not to say that you won’t find any humour beyond the pale … (if only because my normally impeccable punctuation gets kicked in the arse when I’m taking notes)

Extreme RahXephon spoilers ahead!

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August 23, 2005 on 9:19 pm | In RahXephon | Comments Off on RahXephon

Great sci-fi anime should polarise everyone, raise arguably more questions than they answer and have you gripping the edge of your seat. RahXephon is to some a great anime, but to me it’s only good for one reason: it only fulfils two of those criteria in my eyes.
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