Kiba – episodes 22-24

September 15, 2006 on 12:43 am | In Kiba | 1 Comment

“Maze of Memories”, “Bonds” and “The Yellow Shard of Happiness”

These episodes were of high enough quality that I don’t need to make joke titles, except for the third and final:
“The Yellow Shard of Fillerness”

It’s funny that Kiba can bring an unremarkable if satisfactory conclusion to a story arc, then immediately follow it up with stupid comedy to fill in the time. If this is only a 26 episode series, we’ve got only two episodes left to reconcile Noa’s evilness and Hugh’s ambition with Zed’s own power, and we also have to explain Zed’s mother into the deal.
Much as I hate to say it, I’m voting 52 episodes. Admittedly, Kiba wouldn’t have needed them if it hadn’t wasted so much time on getting around to it. “It” being anything worthwhile, really.

Roia Spoilers

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Kiba – episode 21

August 24, 2006 on 6:22 pm | In Kiba | 3 Comments

“An Unforgettable Memory”


“Roia goes out of character in the pursuit of a story!”

The modeling of this episode implies to me that they’re not even trying with Kiba any more. The key audience is now clearly people who don’t know how to stop themselves, and will watch regardless of quality.

Spoilers (courtesy warning, because as if you care)

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Kiba – episode 20

August 16, 2006 on 11:46 pm | In Kiba | 5 Comments



“Noa versus the Squid Faces! Old friend or new foe?”

How many times can one character die? As many times as narrative dictates, apparently. A vaguely interesting story of the value of religion among beasts, and an incredibly obvious hint of what is to come for Roia, are contained within this not exactly tour de force of an episode of Kiba.


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Kiba – episode 19

August 9, 2006 on 11:24 pm | In Kiba | 10 Comments

“The Land of Darkness”


“Noa! Awaken the tool inside!”

A new arc already, in the sense that we’ve got a change of scenery affected from the hub world of Kiba. There are several good things about this episode, the first being that we get to see Zed’s mother in flashback (remember how she’s supposed to be important?) and we can begin to comprehend that Noa is what one of my friends would call a “toolio”.

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Kiba – episode 18

August 4, 2006 on 1:09 am | In Kiba | 1 Comment

“The Prayer That Doesn’t Die”


“You can’t! Our God is immensely powerful and huge!”*

One of my unwritten rules is to avoid comparisons to Evangelion. However, when you’re faced by one giant monster punching another giant monster into submission and then commencing to eat the other giant monster followed by a close up on that first giant monster’s almost human eye, well … you can’t help to invite comparisons to episode 19 of Evangelion. It is inevitable.

Beyond being Evangelion, this episode had some okay moments and maybe a genuine, bizarre shock that kind of proves to me that this series is just a series of events thrown at the screen in the hope that some of the repercussions will stick. Just like real life.

Spoilers inside

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Kiba – episode 17

July 30, 2006 on 10:43 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 17

“A wish beyond reach”


“The Insane Princess!! Attack of the Egg Smashers!”

It’s funny: I have a friend who thinks that Kiba is great stuff. He lamented to me the other day that “Kiba is 2/3 of a great show”, because he hates Noa and thinks that all of the developments in that storyline are too obvious.

Many people say that Noa is the stand out and that Zed is the lousy good-for-nothing, but I’m starting to take the stance that they’re essentially as bad as each other.

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Kiba – episode 16

July 24, 2006 on 7:58 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 16

“Tragedy of a Race”


“Protect the Subterranean Ewok Village!! For the purpose of killing you, I was reborn!”

See, the tragedy is that they chose war and … ah, forget it.

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Kiba – episode 15

July 22, 2006 on 5:47 pm | In Kiba | 1 Comment

“Small Treasure”


“Emo Bread will prove a saviour!? Milquetoasts never prosper!”

Another example of a less than interesting A story being overshadowed by a pertinent B story, that once again proves the theory that Noa is more interesting than Zed.

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Kiba – episode 14

July 18, 2006 on 12:32 am | In Kiba | 2 Comments

“Temptation of Power”


“Fresh Baked Emo Bread!? Miki is a stupid pansy face!”

Okay, I’ve decided to make up new names for episodes. It’s a new arc, with a new ED. There’s something else about it: it’s okay. But not great.

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Kiba – episode 13

July 13, 2006 on 11:26 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 13

“Strength to Dash”

Why is this show called Kiba, anyway? Why is it that I cannot tear myself away from watching it?

Three deaths. One episode. No waiting.

… exploding stomach attack!

Death spoilers!

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