Utawarerumono – episode 17

July 31, 2006 on 10:49 pm | In Utawarerumono | 7 Comments

“The Young Emperor”


“The Adventures of the Lazy Gay Emperor in a Time of Peace”

It’s another “peace time antics” episode of Utawarerumono, but it fares marginally better than the one before it.

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Utawarerumono – episode 16

July 26, 2006 on 10:40 pm | In Utawarerumono | 2 Comments

“The End of the Bloodshed”

Every time Hakuoro touches someone, I think he’s going to have sex with them. Watch out, Dori and Gura!

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Utawarerumono – episode 15

July 26, 2006 on 12:03 am | In Utawarerumono | 1 Comment

“End of the Banquet”

The engagements are booked through the end of the world
So we’ll meet at the end of the banquet

In Utawarerumono you can cut people in half and be stabbed in both arms and then go off to your next fight without a care in the world.

With the end of this banquet, we have to look forward to the next one that Hakuoro will be invited to, possibly by nameless winged fellow who may belong to Urotorii’s clan.


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Utawarerumono – episode 14

July 24, 2006 on 7:04 pm | In Utawarerumono | 3 Comments


The design of nameless characters takes a hit so that the violence can be ramped up and the fluidity of the animation dazzle.

The exercise smells of a build up to the final showdown, but we’re only halfway through the series. Shikeripetim must be another obstacle to the true goal.

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Utawarerumono – episode 13

July 22, 2006 on 5:44 pm | In Utawarerumono | 1 Comment

“Battle of Bloodshed”

At the halfway point, Utawarerumono kicks its arse into gear and decides that it doesn’t want to hate me any more.

Go go go! Except I don’t know how the alliances are going to match up from now on, but that’s part of the fun. When battles are interesting like this, the show doesn’t suck so much. Eruruu, on the other hand …

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Utawarerumono – episode 12

July 18, 2006 on 12:31 am | In Utawarerumono | 5 Comments


And lo, Rak Shine cut loose on his people and mightily sliced them in two. And, in retaliation, Rak Shine was stabbed verily by his followers.

Many, many years later, the venerable Oboro decided to graduate from solving his problems through vomiting by transferring this awesome power into headbutting walls.

Spoilers: Rak Shine’s evil ways revealed inside!

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Utawarerumono – episode 11

July 11, 2006 on 4:38 pm | In Utawarerumono | 3 Comments

“The Eternal Promise”

I know that this episode was a deal breaker for some, but to me it was as a restoration of interest in Utawarerumono. Raising the stakes and throwing out revelations for mysteries are a prime method for continuing narrative support.

I’ll get the best quote ever out of the way here, though: “If this can be solved by vomiting, then vomit all you want.”

Spoilers Inside

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Utawarerumono – episode 10

June 18, 2006 on 9:04 pm | In Utawarerumono | 2 Comments

“The Mercenary”

The episode also known as “I have large breasts and pert buttocks. I am going to have to kill you.”

With a genuinely compelling opening featuring a lady assassin, followed by interminable scenes of horrid, horrid moe, I have no idea how seriously I am supposed to take this series. When you’ve got scenes of council that are framed to crop off the top half of the subject’s face, that’s trouble. I expected better of Utawarerumono, although I suppose the letters “T” and “A” are in its title.

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Utawarerumono – episode 9

June 6, 2006 on 8:36 pm | In Utawarerumono | 1 Comment


Hakuoro is smart after all; it’s just that lolis impair his peacetime judgement is all. Here is a man whose heart cries out for a war so that he may prove his worth, or at least take his mind away from the forbidden thoughs.

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Utawarerumono – episode 8

May 30, 2006 on 7:07 pm | In Utawarerumono | 4 Comments

“The Arbitrator”

It’s a peaceful days episode, full as those sorts are with “hilarious” Utawarerumono comedy. Actually, scripts like this, laden as they are with purely moe huge breasted infantile winged people, remind one of this series’ H legacy.

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