Nana – episode 4

April 30, 2006 on 11:54 pm | In Nana | 1 Comment

A good episode that requires no worries because it’s all on the level.

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Digimon Savers – episode 4

April 30, 2006 on 11:30 pm | In Digimon Savers | Comments Off on Digimon Savers – episode 4

“New team, first mission! Chase Drimogemon!”

I can’t exactly pretend that Digimon Savers is particularly good anime yet, and I have to admit that I am actually enjoying listening to just how uninspired a lot of the voice work is in this show.
The ending is promising, however, as it implies the major change in the program’s operation.

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Zegapain – episode 3

April 28, 2006 on 8:56 pm | In Zegapain | Comments Off on Zegapain – episode 3

“Deftera Area”

Ahhhhh, Zegapain
Fly me to the music

And so Zegapain goes off-model and delivers more cryptic messages to the audience and makes Kyo’s existence even more ambiguous. Good work.

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The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi – episode 4

April 26, 2006 on 11:38 pm | In Suzumiya Haruhi | 2 Comments

“The Boredom of Suzumiya Haruhi”

“The Boredom of Suzumiya Haruhi”

Finally, the inexplicable fandom can be explained: The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi as a contextless magical SF show, it flat out rocks. I was concerned about the time skipping that telling this, the second book, implied, but it actually makes the show that much more compelling. The baseball story of this episode isn’t nearly as interesting as the mystery that surrounds it.

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Kiba – episode 4

April 25, 2006 on 11:42 pm | In Kiba | Comments Off on Kiba – episode 4

“Resolution of the Wind”

Here we get more unimpressive, with a tournament and magical cosplay.

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Nana – episode 3

April 25, 2006 on 11:10 pm | In Nana | 1 Comment

I need your loooooveeee
Like a broken roooooossseee

Better, warmer. I’m not sure if that’s because I knew it wouldn’t be Nana and Nana antics, or simply because Pink Nana didn’t do so much bouncing off the walls. I’m going for the idea that the Pink Nana on display here is slightly more mature than the Pink Nana who began community college.

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Girls’ High – episode 3

April 25, 2006 on 11:05 pm | In Girls' High | Comments Off on Girls’ High – episode 3

“Fall in love, deceived, and then a love hotel?”

In an amazing twist of fate, Girls’ High begins to decry chauvinism and offers only three (3) panty shots all up. For whatever reason, I’ve had the ED in my head for the last week, even if it isn’t actually very good.

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Zegapain – episode 2

April 25, 2006 on 2:49 pm | In Zegapain | 2 Comments



With the second episode of Zegapain done, I’m closer to realising that it shows the promise of many of the things that I appreciate in a robot show.
It also does an admirable task of making up words and expecting us to understand them.

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Utawarerumono – episode 3

April 25, 2006 on 12:08 am | In Utawarerumono | 1 Comment

“Purple amber”

New characters all around, but can we trust them? After all, they threaten to kill Hakuoru just for walking a path at night. It’s good that we get new members of what looks to be an incredibly large cast, though; I ain’t complaining.

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Black Lagoon – episode 2

April 24, 2006 on 11:29 pm | In Black Lagoon | 7 Comments

“Mangrove Heaven”

I can’t really pretend I’m not watching this, and won’t until Geneon says “Hey buddy, we’re releasing this in the US”.

So basically Rock comes up with a brilliant plan to face off against the helicopter that guns at them. Then he tells his boss exactly what can be done with his job! (I, personally, would not want to go back to work after my employer hired an assassin to deal with me)

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