Nana – episode 21

September 19, 2006 on 5:43 pm | In Nana | 11 Comments

For all of her ditziness, at 20 Hachi has done a hell of a lot more with her life than I have.
If you haven’t piloted a robot by 14, I suppose, you’re not cut out for adventurous living …


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Nana – episode 20

September 13, 2006 on 12:17 am | In Nana | 3 Comments

Hachi, why must you make bad decisions? Why must you fill the emptiness in your life with consumerism and celebrity dreams? Because they are within your grasp, and you are a victim of the disease befalling modern society.

Poor girl.

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Nana – episode 19

August 27, 2006 on 10:37 pm | In Nana | 3 Comments

Nana works because many of its revelations are not particularly surprising to the audience but they are to the characters, and that’s what matters: reaction. Well, reaction in something that’s not shounen, where it is nothing but a way to cover the lack of material on offer.

Episode end spoiler

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Nana – episodes 17 and 18

August 22, 2006 on 10:09 pm | In Nana | 6 Comments

The good thing about getting another dose of Nana is that you remember how much you love it. I’ll admit that it’s not a series I think about when I’m not watching it or writing about it, but if I had the time to think about every series I was watching all the time, my head would probably explode from data overload.

In these two episodes we get more great Nana stuff. While Hachi is the more open character, Nana is the one who has the more interesting back story. Hachi is a good narrative tool for blasting thedoor to that world wide open.


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Nana – episode 16

July 31, 2006 on 10:52 pm | In Nana | 4 Comments

Hachi needs to stop overthinking things! That way, we can have happy smiley dramatic Ren Nana reunions!

Also I think I’m in love with Shizue Nana.

End spoiler

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Nana – episode 15

July 24, 2006 on 7:26 pm | In Nana | 4 Comments

I realised something terrible while watching this episode: I am Jun/Kyosuke. I have been known to be cruel to depressed people in order to help them.
When I say “people” I mean “one person”, but still.

As for the episode: lots of fourth wall breaking and a bit too much retrospection.

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Nana – episode 14

July 24, 2006 on 7:14 pm | In Nana | 5 Comments

When Nana is good, it’s freakishly good. Normally I’ll alternate shows but I’m watching all of my episodes of this in one hit.

Spoilers inside

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Nana – episode 13

July 24, 2006 on 7:09 pm | In Nana | 5 Comments

A lot of ground is covered in one episode of Nana.

Same spoilers as previous episode

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Nana 12

July 22, 2006 on 5:48 pm | In Nana | 1 Comment

It’s not really a surprise if you’ve seen the images before. This is the Nana that ends with high drama spelling out danger in episodes to come.

Spoilers beyond

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Nana – episode 11

July 11, 2006 on 4:23 pm | In Nana | 2 Comments

Hachi finds herself right out of luck, but anonymous kindness finds her. It’s the right sort of episode for sweetness and triumph of something.

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