Angel Heart – episode 1

October 30, 2005 on 1:36 pm | In Angel Heart | 2 Comments

Wow. This show is so much better when I can understand all of it. I’ve only got a little bit to add to this article; mainly just some factual information that helps me understand the show better, and stuff that might not have been picked up on.
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Play Ball – episode 3

October 29, 2005 on 1:36 pm | In Play Ball | Comments Off on Play Ball – episode 3

“The Comeback to Baseball”

To prove that nothing will ever be easy for Taniguchi, he joins the baseball team … then he realises that the team kind of sucks.
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Mushishi – episode 1

October 28, 2005 on 9:55 pm | In Mushishi | 1 Comment

“The Green Chair”

This is beautiful, spiritual anime with that true respect for nature that is easy to recognise in some anime. Bad as it is to say, but if you want to capture me in your early days, you’ve got to be a little unusual; Mushishi has that.
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Ginban Kaleidoscope – episode 1

October 27, 2005 on 8:38 pm | In Ginban Kaleidoscope | Comments Off on Ginban Kaleidoscope – episode 1

“The Ten Billion Dollar Woman”

Finally, some pulp for me to chew! I’ve at last found something that requires me to minimise thought, so don’t expect me to go into much detail at all.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 2

October 26, 2005 on 8:51 pm | In Paradise Kiss | 1 Comment


This second episode erased all of my doubts about Paradise Kiss; the stifling atmosphere of the first episode has turned into something “real”, and Yukari has become, rather than a bitch, introspective and mildly depressive.
I like this turn of events.
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Tide-Line Blue – episode 12

October 25, 2005 on 10:53 pm | In Tide-Line Blue | Comments Off on Tide-Line Blue – episode 12


This is the final episode, and it concludes a good deal of the series, but it still feels penultimate. We really need the OVA to polish the story off.

(still, a little spoilery inside as I tend to get in “final” episodes)
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New season woes

October 24, 2005 on 11:22 pm | In Site News | 5 Comments

I don’t know what’s wrong, but I can’t get up the enthusiasm to watch any of the new season shows, short of Angel Heart (which has yet to be picked up) and Paradise Kiss.

I’ve actually watched the second episode of Paradise Kiss and I must say that it was fairly well excellent – a grand improvement on the first. I’ve also just finished watching Tide-Line Blue, but I am too tired to write at the moment.

It’s a problem I’ve been having lately: fierce writing backlog. Very rarely I will send an article out onto the inter nets because I am sick of it, and I did that today with Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m just too busy at the moment; it’s been three weeks since I’ve watched a DVD, for eff’s sake!
If I’m not too lazy, maybe I’ll watch Black Cat. Maybe. I’ve got so many inconsistently released series going (ie Monster, Play Ball and The Snow Queen) that I don’t really need to pick up more, do I?

The point is, and this is not a hollow promise, Tide-Line Blue and Paradise Kiss tomorrow.

UPDATE: Sorry, too tired for ParaKiss. I took a night off writing so I could … watch anime.

Howl’s Moving Castle

October 24, 2005 on 8:07 pm | In Howl's Moving Castle, Miyazaki Hayao, Studio Ghibli | 3 Comments

The second film after Miyazaki’s “retirement”, Howl’s Moving Castle is enjoyable, if a bit of a mixed bag.
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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

October 22, 2005 on 4:34 pm | In Sugar | Comments Off on A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

“Sugar Baby Love
On my lips
The rouge of tears”

A Little Snow Fairy Sugar is possibly the best anime about a fairy training to control snow by playing the flute in Germany that I’ve ever seen. This is the sort of thing that I expect from good shoujo anime. It’s not quite mahou shoujo, although it does bear many of the hallmarks of the genre. Like many of this sort of program, it has charm enough for all audiences.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 1

October 21, 2005 on 8:40 pm | In Paradise Kiss | 2 Comments


Paradise Kiss is a series I’ve been vaguely looking forward to for a while. Now I don’t know what to think about it; it seems all underground and weird.
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