Bleach – episode 70

March 7, 2006 on 9:28 pm | In Bleach | 1 Comment

Bleach is striking almost the right balance of school life comedy and supernatural gadding about. This episode has some okay comedy, but where it most stands out is in its hilarious application of late eighties and early nineties OVA villainry rules.

Spoiler: If you’ve seen episode 69, there will be no spoilers here. This will be my only buffer for this particular spoiler.
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Bleach – episode 68-69

February 18, 2006 on 7:22 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 68-69

“It’s okay to live.”
Plainly the best Bleach in a long while, as it wraps up the intensely lame “game” plot, justifies it, and then introduces a genuinely interesting looking story.

Spoilers: the conclusion of the Ririn arc and the set-up for the Bound arc
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Bleach – episode 67

February 11, 2006 on 11:43 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 67

The third “game” reveals a mystery that is directed so poorly that the answer is the most obvious thing in the world. The Soul Society material is both a Deus Ex Machina and a red herring.
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Bleach – episode 66

February 11, 2006 on 5:02 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 66

Ririn is incredibly ugly and subjects Ishida, Ichigo and Renji to an ultimately pointless puzzle. The story is fairly lame, but Kon saves the episode and makes it close to entertainment. I don’t “grade” episodes, or anything else for that matter, but I would give this episode “not bad”.
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Bleach – episode 65

January 28, 2006 on 8:41 pm | In Bleach | 1 Comment

Bleach introduces us to its friend Aesthetic Bankruptcy. It also justifies one year of potential filler.
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Bleach – episode 64

January 22, 2006 on 9:42 pm | In Bleach | 1 Comment

I remember when Bleach used to be fun. This episode wasn’t super fun, but Kon made me laugh out loud. Three times. That counts for a little.
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Bleach – episode 63

January 17, 2006 on 11:15 pm | In Bleach | 1 Comment

Blah. A recap episode with “commentary”, plus a slightly extended and poorly animated yet marginally nice epilogue.
During this episode, I realised that I don’t really watch anime for action. Then I wondered why I actually watch Bleach at all: peer pressure. Damned peers.
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Bleach – episode 62

December 26, 2005 on 10:57 pm | In Bleach | 2 Comments

This looks suspiciously like the end of an arc. Reunion!

More spoilers, unrelated to the spoiler warning of the last few episodes
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Bleach – episode 61

December 26, 2005 on 12:17 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 61

Exposition is the name of the game, the villain explains most, and all fights get cancelled for the sake of one story!

Last episode where I give the spoiler warning for this turn of events
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Bleach – episode 60

December 12, 2005 on 11:18 pm | In Bleach | 2 Comments

Man, that was actually some good Bleach. I’m in love with these developments! If they can keep momentum, colour me impressed! Given the nature of Bleach and the time of night, forgive me if my thoughts are somewhat disjointed.

Intense spoilers follow!
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