Dragon Ball – episodes 123 to 137

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“Piccolo Jr. Saga, Part 1”

Dragon Ball is at the point where, at only 16 episodes left, I’m already beginning to miss it. I know that I lose a lot of cred for admitting to liking Dragon Ball, but I think that part of that is based on the fact that Dragon Ball Z came out to the Western World first. One friend I was talking to said that he had assumed that it was more of the same.

Well, it’s not! Things that would actually be covered in Dragon Ball – say, character relationships – are reduced to “yeah, [x] happened while you were sleeping” ([x] being characters getting married and having children and whatever … despite the sense that these people would never have touched each other before).

But enough about Z, how about this next foray into the Tenkaichi Tournament? Boy, the time sure does fly when you watch a million episodes of this show in a week.

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Dragon Ball – episodes 112 to 122

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“King Piccolo Saga, Part 2”

Now that is how you make a spot of Dragon Ball! With a legitimate villain who is capable enacting his plans for world domination! With a villain who can back up his pride most of the time! With a villain who can spit eggs!

… but not with Pilaf doing much in the way of good. But you can’t win all of the battles that you fight.

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Dragon Ball – episodes 102-111

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“King Piccolo Saga, Part 1”

Goku is filled with righteous fury! Quickly, Pilaf! Cower in the corner under your new ruler! What, you’ve got that covered already? Jolly good show; keep it up.

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Dragon Ball – episodes 84-101

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“Tenshinhan Saga”

Ah, a tournament saga to get Dragon Ball in line. One could accuse a tournament of being repetitive, but it’s an effective way to get characters together into a structured event without making weird diversions into nothingness. On top of that, this arc has a great ending – an ending which would have been a surprise had I not already known of it, and had the colour design and editing not made it clear that something was going down.

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Dragon Ball – episodes 68 – 83

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“Fortuneteller Baba Saga”

I was wrong about the division of the sets: the Fortuneteller Baba set starts at a pretty good episode to continue this part of the story, with the hangover from the previous set lasting mere seconds that would not really have been justified on the previous set.

This is fun stuff because it’s not very high concept and, before it launches into another storyline, a few stand alone episodes are offered. Elsewhere they might be considered “filler” (did I ever say that I hate that word? For I do, with every fibre of my being), but here they’re an entertaining break from relentless storylines involving immortal homosexuals who get killed by the tongues of rogue Chinese assassins.

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Dragon Ball – episodes 58-67

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“Commander Red Saga”

I have a feeling that those dastards at Funimation and Madman actually cut the Red Ribbon arc one episode shy on this release so that they could say that it covers all of Commander Red, and ends when he does.
The next set – the Fortuneteller Baba set – looks like, from its description, that it is the true end of the Red Ribbon Army. That is until Dr. Gero brings them back for one of the better DBZ arcs. It’s too bad that damned Frieza had to come in and mess the hell out of that story.

What? Oh, yeah, the Commander Red Saga. I think I’ve distilled the essence of what Dragon Ball has lost. Join me on that ride!

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Dragon Ball: episodes 46-57

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“General Blue Saga”

Oh, I’ll give you romantic, all right.

Dragon Ball skirts controversial territory with a trip to an ancient yet high tech pirate cave, a cross over with Dr. Slump that makes little to no sense to those unfamiliar with the source material, and the introduction of a very busy villain: Aryan SS officer narcissist psychic homosexual, General Blue.

Yeah. Good work there.
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Dragon Ball: episodes 29-45

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“Red Ribbon Army Saga”

Thus we reach the point where Dragon Ball becomes less easy to categorise into arcs. I think that the DVDs are more arbitrarily divided at this point, considering that this particular quest for the Dragon Balls doesn’t end until episode 75.
I’m still having a good time, but the times aren’t as good as they once were.

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Dragon Ball: Episodes 14-28

February 8, 2007 on 10:06 pm | In Dragon Ball | 3 Comments

“The Tournament Saga”

Science would suggest that the moon is something that is vaguely essential to the running of the Earth. Now, Dragon Ball, full of communist pigs and owls though it is, is not actually set on Earth. Still, I think that moons are in place for a reason, regardless of planet!
Take heed, children who watch Dragon Ball: do not destroy the moon!

In summary: tournament arc, happy fun times!

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Dragon Ball: Episodes 1-13

January 28, 2007 on 7:57 pm | In Dragon Ball | 2 Comments

Meta: Yes, this is one of my first posts in ever. I haven’t felt like watching anime for the last few months, and then the desire to watch this struck me. I haven’t kept up with the anime blogging world in that time; anything good happen?

“The Saga of Goku”

Back before Son Goku was Superman, sent from a dying planet mere moments before it exploded, he was a dim-witted but good natured boy with a tail. In the space of a mere 25 minutes, Son Goku and his charismatic companions were able to tell a coherent segment of a story that consisted of more than screaming and powering up. Even more amazing, the spirit of Son Goku was irrepressible: Dragon Ball is consistently funny!

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