Miyuki-chan in Wonderland + Miyuki-chan in Mirrorland

May 29, 2004 on 4:48 pm | In Miyuki-chan in Wonderland | Comments Off on Miyuki-chan in Wonderland + Miyuki-chan in Mirrorland

Is it possible to make a story any less lucid than Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland? The answer is yes; all you need to do is replace all of the characters with lesbians and ignore cause and effect.
Miyuki-chan in Wonderland doesn’t have a story. Events that occurred in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass are repeated here, but with fewer clothes and more fondling.

Miyuki falls into a hole formed by a bunny girl on a skateboard, and then she meets mad hatters in bikinis, a Cheshire Catgirl, an S&M Queen of Hearts and so on. When she’s pulled into the Mirrorland by her reflection, she plays strip chess and all sorts of things.
There’s no direction to these two “adventures”, Miyuki literally falls from one situation to another with no rhyme, reason, or ending.

The incongruity of the story is funny, the CLAMP designs are cute … but there’s no story, and there’s one other thing to it: the music sucks. For 29 minutes, the same loop of music plays. It’s maddening.
There’s some pretty good voice talent here, but most of the seiyuu are lucky if they get more than one line out. Also the endings are totally unsatisfactory and the ED (which is quite nice) seems to be longer and more substantial than the whole OVA put together.

Miyuki-chan in Wonderland is the definition of “light entertainment” … but it’s less likely to entertain than it is to slowly remove your brain. It’s good to get on the cheap ($8US is a good going rate …), but it’s unlikely that you’ll watch it more than once. And the cutest bunnies of them all are only to be seen on the cover.

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