Emma – episode 12

July 24, 2005 on 8:30 pm | In Emma | 3 Comments

“Lily of the Valley”

Damnit, Emma! Don’t give me hope, give me results! Give me idealised fantasy life, not realistic social inevitablity!

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Emma – episode 11

July 17, 2005 on 4:37 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 11


Man, that maid network sure does work fast!

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Emma – episode 10

July 10, 2005 on 12:12 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 10

Emma – episode 10

“Missing one another”

The music in this episode was particularly good.

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Emma – episode 9

July 4, 2005 on 12:17 am | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 9


“When we cooks enchant the nobles with our dishes, we are the same as them.”
Sure it was a cook that said this, but I think it’s a valid point. I can comment on the social mores of this episode out in the open, but really … there’s a lot more beneath the surface.

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Emma – episode 8

June 25, 2005 on 12:05 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 8


Depressing. Emma is entering pure spoiler territory now, so be warned! If you’re watching it, don’t read this until you’ve seen the episode. Or just look at the pretty pictures.

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Emma – episode 7

June 5, 2005 on 6:45 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 7

“Crystal Palace”

Many series have a turning point: an episode of pure beauty. Absolute rockitude, if you will. “Crystal Palace” is the turning point of Emma. William asks Emma to the Crystal Palace in Sydenham and she accepts without reservation. Meanwhile, Richard Jones has his own ideas about William’s plans! Again.

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Emma – episode 6

May 28, 2005 on 7:52 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 6

“The Visit”

This episode, the character designs seemed a little off; a pity, considering the importance of its content when it comes to the relationship of young William and Emma.
For those interested, here is the newspaper that Mr. Jones was reading.

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Emma – episode 5

May 11, 2005 on 10:21 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 5

“Dinner Party”

Another fine episode of Emma, this time with very little William and Hakim, and quite a lot of Kelly Stowner. We are made privvy to the tragic history of Emma’s mistress, a past that explains why she sometimes comes across as cold. A widow at twenty in a society that was not altogether too keen on remarriage would be a difficult thing to be indeed.

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Emma – episode 4

May 4, 2005 on 9:00 pm | In Emma | 1 Comment


This episode left me in high spirits. Considering that I was preparing to murder the internet beforehand, this makes it a good outing. The Adventures of William and Hakim Emma is one entertaining series.

In this episode, Emma goes to Mudie’s library, where Hakim and William are browsing the Victorian pornography. Emma escapes with a blush and a book about a servant falling in love with her master: it’s all dreadfully romantic. After having been rejected by Emma, Hakim lets William know that the path is clear. This leads to the least painful William and Emma interaction so far!

This episode wasn’t big on plot, being as it was about Hakim’s displacement. Eleanor didn’t have any reaction to Hakim’s presence at all – but she did have a debriefing scene in front of her mirror, except that she has her maid to talk to. What was important here is Hakim’s harem. They are pretty much funny in whatever scene they are in. Their immobile features grow on you the more immobile they become, and there’s something inherently hilarious about one of them gunning a motorcar.

Also important in this episode is the inclusion of Arthur, William’s younger brother. Arthur seems to be the embittered child who actually has to make something of himself. “You’re inheriting the family business,” says he to William, “I can’t just loaf around like you.”
It’s true; William is the definition of a man of leisure. He has underpaid servants to do his work for him, so he can spend his days being awkward around the ladyfolk. If William did not have Hakim with him, this series would not be as fun because it would likely become apparent he’s a bit of a jellyfish. If one is to be a cad, they must have the courage to do it properly!
Did anyone notice that Emma gets very little screen time indeed.

A nice, enjoyable episode with a satisfying ending. But what’s up with the vehicles? They don’t look near as sharp as anything else in the program.

Emma – episode 3

April 27, 2005 on 10:35 pm | In Emma | Comments Off on Emma – episode 3


Warning: Meeting Emma may impair your social judgment!

In this episode, William’s friend Hakim comes to visit from India. Hakim takes William on an elephant ride through the streets of London, but William gets sick and has to stop off at Emma’s house. Emma meets Hakim, who is instantly taken by her; Hakim consults Emma as to her feelings for William, and then confesses his own feelings.

This appears to be the first episode of Emma to actually go for the laughs, with Hakim’s tight-lipped harem following him everywhere; William’s younger brother is particularly distressed by all of the foreign goings on. William himself is consistently dazed by what’s happening around him but is pleased because “I got to see Emma”. Nothing goes wrong in this episode, besides the obvious issue of another person vying for Emma’s affections (please, people, she doesn’t want your gifts!).

On the Emma front (as there is remarkably little Emma in Emma): Mrs. Stownar seems a bit mean to Emma, but I suppose that’s what high class people do. Also, Emma does have a moment of reflection in her room, but it is mercifully not while she’s combing her hair and looking into the mirror; the consideration scenes in this episode, both her own and William’s, are well done.

All in all, a fine episode that even included some nice CG.

Next time: Hakim, Eleanor, Emma and William Battle Royale!

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