An Open Letter to Girls’ High

June 13, 2006 on 11:33 pm | In Girls' High | 5 Comments

Dear Girls’ High,
Please stay away from my computer. You are uglying up my hard drive.
Love, Alexander Doenau

Five minutes into episode seven I realised that I hated this show and didn’t care what was coming next. Finally I am free to pursue fresher corners of the universe.

Girls’ High – episode 5

May 25, 2006 on 9:57 pm | In Girls' High | 4 Comments


The titular cracks refer not to the girls falling out, but rather to those in the relationship of Yuma and Momoka. Yeah, great.
What would be an okay episode of television is really spoiled by the fact that this is one of the ugliest shows out there. People didn’t like Ginban Kaleidoscope‘s aesthetic, but at least it was consistent.
For the record, this contained no fan service despite featuring a high kick that would have made that an easy option.

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Girls’ High – episode 5

May 17, 2006 on 12:06 am | In Girls' High | 3 Comments

“The swimsuit, the beauty and the macho teacher”

Girls’ High tries drama. It’s shallow and transparent, but it isn’t eye-gougingly terrible.

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Girls’ High – episode 4

May 12, 2006 on 11:34 pm | In Girls' High | 8 Comments

“Celebrate! Saki Girls Bloomers Hitherto”

I hate the world and I wish I were dead.

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Girls’ High – episode 3

April 25, 2006 on 11:05 pm | In Girls' High | Comments Off on Girls’ High – episode 3

“Fall in love, deceived, and then a love hotel?”

In an amazing twist of fate, Girls’ High begins to decry chauvinism and offers only three (3) panty shots all up. For whatever reason, I’ve had the ED in my head for the last week, even if it isn’t actually very good.

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Girls’ High – episode 2

April 21, 2006 on 12:46 am | In Girls' High | 3 Comments

“Physical examination is the scent of a maiden’s shyness”

To quote Steve Carell: “wow, this is graphic”.

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Girls’ High – episode 1

April 15, 2006 on 11:52 pm | In Girls' High | 4 Comments

“High School Girls have their stupid side”

The words at the beginning of this episode were as a symphony to my eyes and ears: “This program brought to you with the cooperation of Geneon”. This does not mean that an announcement has yet been made, but it means both that this show is inevitably winging its way to you, helpless Americans in the audience, and that I don’t have to watch it any longer.

Girls’ High is the apparent punching-bag of this season. When I was less than impressed by the programs on offer, I thought a light bit of fan service was a fine proposition. Well, the season turned out well and, while this is not a terrible show it’s just too bland to be worthy of my time, with its decidedly slipshod production values and (controversy ahead) Noto Mamiko’s frankly bored performance of an ill defined character.

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Girls’ High (Joshikousei) – episode zero

April 2, 2006 on 10:39 pm | In Girls' High | 16 Comments

“High school girls have their stupid side”

This show goes by a billion names; it seems that the Japanese English name is “Girls’ High”. I’ve done my research and I haven’t watched any anime with substantial fan service in it since October 2005, and I can’t remember the last show I saw that prominently featured panties: I was surprised to see Girls’ High is swimming in them.

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