Honey and Clover – episode twenty-two

September 30, 2005 on 3:44 pm | In Honey and Clover | 1 Comment

“When I got out of the tunnel, the view was beautiful.”

After a week of watching some of Japan’s less inspired material, I’m reminded how truly great Honey & Clover is. With only one shot of Morita and Mayama presented as an abstract concept, this episode belongs to the spheres of Takemoto, Yamada and Hagu.
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Back in the State

September 29, 2005 on 7:05 pm | In Site News | Comments Off on Back in the State

I have returned from my holiday, learning one important thing: don’t attempt to work on holiday.

I’ve got to catch up on Honey and Clover 22 and 23, Tide-Line Blue whatever number it’s up to, and write like a million reviews. I’m up to date on Monster, so I’ll see if I can prepare a special on that, but with 62 episodes under my belt it’s going to be hard.

I’ve reached that point where, once again, I’ve got far too many writing projects underway, not just here but in several other realms.

In other news, I don’t really like the convention scene and I saw Serenity today. It made me feel. I almost cried. Damn you, Joss Whedon. Damn you.


September 24, 2005 on 10:51 am | In Site News | Comments Off on Live

I spent a month caught in a hopeless bleak despair. Anime Pilgrimage DX is not quite up to speed – I need to figure out how to get the templates in working order and such, as well as making all of the categories live – but it needed to be online.

I’m in Melbourne until Wednesday, which means no fansubs. However, I’ve got drafts of Abenobashi, Sugar and Howl’s Moving Castle just waiting to be published.
Therefore, you can rest assured in the knowledge that there will, in good time, be something to read.

Farewell, Jeff Lawson!

September 21, 2005 on 7:31 pm | In The "World" | Comments Off on Farewell, Jeff Lawson!

Our friend of the internet, Jeff Lawson, has taken his bat and ball and gone home. The reasons that Jeff has cited are fair enough – you know how sick I am of waiting for all of these subs? – but I will miss him.

Jeff Lawson, you inspired me not to vegetate last year, and for that I thank you. While I have different reasons for writing, I see you as my true internet anime brother.

Well, not really, I’m just testing an update system, but you will be missed. Rock on. Dexy’s Midnight Runners forever!

Tide-Line Blue – episode 8

September 18, 2005 on 12:48 pm | In Tide-Line Blue | Comments Off on Tide-Line Blue – episode 8

“Reunion – Reunite”

Crises of conscience make for great drama! Teen! Aoi! The ostrich! (no, seriously, the ostrich).
Tide-Line Blue really is working hard to regain my trust. The set up of this episode is highly conducive to rocking.
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Angel Heart preview

September 15, 2005 on 2:47 am | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart preview

Thanks to Garten, I procured the preview of Angel Heart, an anime that had me really upset one Friday night. I had thought it was starting many months ago, but it’s actually starting in October. The English internet fan reaction has been … subdued … to say the least, outright hostile to say the most. I really hope that someone will pick this up to sub it.
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Progress report: Batrock goes to the taffy pulling machine

September 15, 2005 on 1:52 am | In Site News | Comments Off on Progress report: Batrock goes to the taffy pulling machine

At the moment, I’m working on making the new and improved Batrock fit all of the images well. I’m going to keep the “one splash image” pattern I’ve been doing. Because I have to reupload every article I have written since the initial move to Batrock, I will hopefully be able to do this for every article along the way to create marvellous uniformity.
I’m far from King Code, though, so not quite sure how well it will go or how long it will take. I hope to just take a big chunk of time on the weekend and get through it.

Due to the whole different appearance of Bell-chan, I’ve actually edited things out of the finished Batrock versions, as of Honey and Clover 21. So there’ll be more exclusive content on the proper Batrock when it comes around. I know, it’s exciting.

Honey and Clover – episode twenty-one

September 14, 2005 on 11:30 am | In Honey and Clover | Comments Off on Honey and Clover – episode twenty-one

“… It’s empty …”

“When I was younger, I used to ride my blue bicycle and wonder how far I could ride without turning back …”

Takemoto goes riding and doesn’t look back.
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The Snow Queen – episode 3

September 11, 2005 on 1:23 pm | In The Snow Queen | Comments Off on The Snow Queen – episode 3

“Fragments of the mirror”

At last, The Snow Queen shows its literary roots.

The Snow Queen’s mirror shatters and a fragment finds its way into Kay’s eye. Historically, the fragments of the mirror corrupt the world, making those that they touch see everything as ugly and evil. As a result, Kay becomes something of a bastard.
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Tide-Line Blue – episode 7

September 9, 2005 on 10:17 pm | In Tide-Line Blue | Comments Off on Tide-Line Blue – episode 7


What did I say about Keel being in his element? Well, with a trip to Tibet for some hard gambling, we are given an example of exactly that. This episode is pretty good for most of the characters involved; even the frequently insufferable Joze gets some good comedy and drama in.
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