Kamichu! – episode 2

July 15, 2005 on 1:08 am | In Kamichu! | Comments Off on Kamichu! – episode 2

“Please, Goddess”

Better than the first episode, but damn if this anime isn’t interminable. Seriously, this episode went for about fourteen years.

You know, one can only take so much of “slow magical girls with hearts of gold” before it gets old. Yurie is slightly sweet, but she is more dull; her voice actress, MAKO, does very little to help the situation.

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Kamichu! – episode 1

July 7, 2005 on 11:16 pm | In Kamichu! | Comments Off on Kamichu! – episode 1

“The Unkindness of Adolescence”

I hate it when I have no idea what’s going on after the first episode.

Essentially the same team as Read or Die gets together to make anime about a girl who wakes up one morning and decides she has become a god. She can’t quite figure out the god of what, though.

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