Gundam 00 – Episode 1

November 11, 2007 on 8:50 pm | In Gundam 00 | Comments Off on Gundam 00 – Episode 1

“Celestial Being”

Is it possible to watch a show and absorb nothing? I think it is. I also think that Gundam mech designs are really ugly. They’re consistent, but consistency counts for nothing when you’ve got a terrible aesthetic on your hands. Ironically, I chose to give the series a bit of a chance because of the attractive female character designs and the cool OP. L’Arc en Ciel is still going? Who knew! I certainly didn’t.

I’m wondering if maybe it’s a trend that first episodes tell you nothing. Back in my day, we used to have a show stopping first episode, and then we’d chase it up with a few down time episodes to get the introduction rolling proper. We’d also have robots named for every month of the year, and we wouldn’t finish watching it because our eyes would glaze over because while we can pretend we’re having fun watching something silly for a time, eventually it’s going to overrun us.

So let’s look very briefly at Gundam 00 (That’s double-oh but heck, it’s five episodes into the season, you’ve probably seen it already). You know what a great way to ensure peace is? By waging war. This team of dudes, the Gundam Meisters, I believe they’re called, are against the (this is the problem with watching stuff on my PSP on the train, I can’t take notes of all of the stupid names on offer) … let’s call it the Amazing New United Nations, until I bother to sub in a real term if I keep watching this show, but they’re also against terrorists. So they stop a terrorist attack launched by some … other dudes (seriously, I don’t think these ones are named), against a newly opened ballroom … in space!

You can tell that the Gundam Meisters aren’t going to do any terror because their large breasted presumably Chinese cohort is enjoying herself at the entirely gravityless shindig.

So I know what this show is about. I know that it has characters who I assume are girls, but who then open their mouths to reveal deep and disturbing voices. I’ve read that people have also said that it’s full of homoeroticism. Well, I’ll be the judge of that: after all, a guy with entirely girly features with the exception of his voice does not a gay dude make.
But then, veiled homosexuality does not also a good show make. Let a couple more episodes be the judge of this morass of good and bad design!

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