Angel Heart – episode 6

December 28, 2005 on 10:07 pm | In Angel Heart | 2 Comments


Many aspects of this series are brought into sharper focus, and make for an overall more compelling story. It’s a mixture of revelation and picking up on things that I missed that brings us to this stage … a stage that maybe does lend credence to the idea that Ryo has a slightly different past.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 9

December 28, 2005 on 1:43 pm | In Paradise Kiss | Comments Off on Paradise Kiss – episode 9


I was going to say “Somehow we managed to get through an entire episode without George acting like a total bitch”, but then I realised he was pretty harsh to his mother at the beginning. So this episode can only win a few points for sensible George.

Otherwise, fairly good stuff.
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Angel Heart – episode 5

December 28, 2005 on 11:58 am | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 5

Images to follow if I can get the raws

Yongbie (Goodbye) … Kaori”

Glass Heart tries something that never would have worked, while clever cinematography makes the viewer just as blind as Umibozu.
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Bleach – episode 62

December 26, 2005 on 10:57 pm | In Bleach | 2 Comments

This looks suspiciously like the end of an arc. Reunion!

More spoilers, unrelated to the spoiler warning of the last few episodes
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Mushishi – episode 8

December 26, 2005 on 5:42 pm | In Mushishi | Comments Off on Mushishi – episode 8

“From the Sea Border”

Tragedy is coupled with hope for this tale of love, loss and redemption. Thanks to time dilation, this episode features one of my favourite theories, albeit one more often applied to space.
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Bleach – episode 61

December 26, 2005 on 12:17 pm | In Bleach | Comments Off on Bleach – episode 61

Exposition is the name of the game, the villain explains most, and all fights get cancelled for the sake of one story!

Last episode where I give the spoiler warning for this turn of events
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Inter net repairs

December 26, 2005 on 12:13 pm | In Site News | 1 Comment

I will try to fix things up soon, because I’m really not enjoying this “one day a week” bit. Too bad I’m kind of sick. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and that Kaori Santa visited all the good boys and girls of the inter nets.

By the way, is the new “Giant Image” approach working for you, or are the images perhaps too giant?

Angel Heart – episode 4

December 18, 2005 on 6:12 pm | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 4

Images to follow if I can get the raws

“A Lost Heart”

Pawns! Mild psychosis! Ryo getting angry! It’s all on in Angel Heart.
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Paradise Kiss – episode 8

December 18, 2005 on 2:40 pm | In Paradise Kiss | 3 Comments


I won’t bother saying George is a bastard. I will say, however, that this episode rocked. Yukari starts making sense, Arashi gets over himself, Miwako sings naked … much to like.
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Angel Heart – episode 3

December 18, 2005 on 11:35 am | In Angel Heart | Comments Off on Angel Heart – episode 3

“The City of XYZ”

The march of time has changed the sweeper business. How can Glass Heart hope to ever get in contact with City Hunter when there is nowhere to write XYZ?
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