Blue Seed

April 27, 2008 on 7:14 pm | In Blue Seed | 1 Comment

Blue Seed took me entirely too long to watch, but that reflects more poorly on me than it does on it. It’s a pre-Evangelion Evangelion. It’s a monster of the week show with national intrigue. It’s a show that starts gruesomely, then settles for some cheap panty jokes, before throwing the fate of Japan into crisis. All things told, it’s pretty good and it’s definitely got that “feel” that I can never qualify but that I always complain about no longer existing.

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Angel Links

April 24, 2008 on 12:22 am | In Angel Links | Comments Off on Angel Links

Do you remember Outlaw Star? It was entertaining enough, although its ending was one of those bizarre mid-to-late nineties weirdstravaganzas you used to get. In fact, I just reread what I had to say about it and realised how entertaining it was – evil cacti, man!

The point is, Angel Links is the idiot quarter sister of Outlaw Star. It’s only thirteen episodes, and it’s one of those series for suckers: it entertains well enough in the first half, then turns into a giant incoherent mess in time for you to shake your fist but have to tough it out until the end. I checked my order history today, and Angel Links shipped November 23, 2004. Would I have been able to stomach it then? I honestly don’t know. I probably would have enjoyed the boobs more, I guess.

Oh yes, this is a show about a girl who keeps a winged cat that can transform into a sword in her cleavage. That’s all that really needs to be said.

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Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Fledgling

April 13, 2008 on 8:19 pm | In Princess Tutu | 8 Comments

“Happiness is only a couple of lines at the end.”

It’s really difficult to imagine it being possible, but “Chapter of the Fledgling” was approximately one billion times better than “Chapter of the Egg”. Princess Tutu speaks volumes about the strength of 26 episode series made up of two thirteen episode series: they tell two stories while telling one, and they have a pace to match that. Naturally in a thirteen episode series you’ve got less time to waste, or to go on tangents, which is why a good thirteen episode series can be so rewarding. So, strangely enough, take that idea and double it and you’ve got something insanely tight, and the second half doesn’t need to bother going to the effort of set up and can just rock your face off right from the start.

Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Fledgling, ends up rocking faces around the world clean off. You won’t even miss your face when it’s gone, it’s just that good.

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Princess Tutu: Chapter of the Egg

April 2, 2008 on 11:18 pm | In Princess Tutu | 1 Comment

“Shall we dance?”

One could be forgiven for thinking that Princess Tutu is just another naked prepubescent girl show; indeed, to set up its conceit, its heroine has rather too few clothes in the second episode. Beyond that element, which is always covered tastefully enough, this is a pretty good, albeit quite different mahou shoujo program: rather than a monster of the week, we are confronted by an emotion, and rather than fighting it, our heroine dances with it. It’s an interesting experiment, to say the least.

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