Anime Notebook: RahXephon

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It appears that at least three people enjoyed my previous notebook effort, so I shall make it a semi-weekly feature.
This notebook apparently has, under City Hunter 2 episode 50: “Goodbye, Hardboiled City (part two)”, “He is skilled in panty warfare”. Fair enough. Context is nothing in the face of such a quote!

This entry is slightly more serious than that; here I chronicle my experience with RahXephon, which was really a jumble to my eyes. I’ve decided to put in every entry as this serves a more academic purpose than simply “laffs”. Which is not to say that you won’t find any humour beyond the pale … (if only because my normally impeccable punctuation gets kicked in the arse when I’m taking notes)

Extreme RahXephon spoilers ahead!

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Anime Notebook: Berserk

April 8, 2006 on 12:07 am | In Berserk, Notebook | 5 Comments

I thought it might be interesting if I exposed the contents of my notebook, a collection of papers that provides deep insight into the intricacies and mechanisms that hold many of our favourite anime. I normally put in key words or sentences and quotes to “help me along” although to be honest I barely use these notes in the composition of any of my writings.

The first installment of this potential series is Berserk episode 25, the final in that fine series.
Spoilers within

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