Dragon Ball – episodes 102-111

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“King Piccolo Saga, Part 1”

Goku is filled with righteous fury! Quickly, Pilaf! Cower in the corner under your new ruler! What, you’ve got that covered already? Jolly good show; keep it up.

Goku wants revenge for what transpired at the end of the last Tenkaichi tournament: to put it bluntly, he wants satisfaction. The only person who can provide him with that satisfaction turns out to be Piccolo Daimao, who terrorised the world several hundred years hence.
With Goku gone, Muten Roshi rallies the other people in the party into action. They’re not going to stand for the wanton murder of martial artists and the illicit acquisition of Dragon Balls! Full steam ahead!

By this point, Dragon Ball has become a simple matter of “let us go, with pure hearted rage!” I was fully expecting Goku not to be able to ride Kinto Un because his heart has been tainted by feelings of super righteousness. Apparently “an eye for an eye” is not something that Kinto Un frowns upon a fellow for believing in. Damned moralistic clouds, making their own old testament judgements.

The new character introduced here is Yajirobe who, to my surprise, is willing to take on anything that attacks him (as long as their reputation does not precede them) and is capable of standing up to Goku in a fight. By the time of Dragon Ball Z he has been rendered into a weak coward who hangs around at home and does as little fighting as possible. Considering that his introduction in the series involves cutting a dragon in half and then eating its rare roasted flesh, this is a little bit incongruous in my eyes.

There’s one moment that makes absolutely no sense – when the National Guard tries to take down Tenshinhan for the serial murders of martial artists across the world. Given that most of these murders are shown on screen and one occurred in a packed fighting arena, witness testimony proves that our three eyed friend most certainly didn’t commit these crimes.

It feels strange to go from a 19 episode set to a ten episode part of a saga, but I got used to it quickly enough. I think that some of the stuff that the series is telling me is lies (as is the grammar in this sentence), but they can be forgiven. Beat some people up, Tenshinhan! The credibility of new, stronger than Goku people is becoming stretched! You’ve only got forty episodes before all hope is lost!

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