Honey and Clover – episode three

May 22, 2005 on 5:00 pm | In Honey and Clover | Comments Off on Honey and Clover – episode three

Some seriousness infiltrates the rank! It’s good seriousness, too!

Women enter the mix: Rika, Yamada and, of course, Hagu. Rika is a mysterious older woman with a bad leg; Mayama is “secretly” in love with her. Yamada is another art student, previously established as Hagu’s friend, “secretly” in love with Mayama.
Hagu-chan, of course, remains Hagu-chan.

The comedy of Morita is funny all around, but a good deal of it makes no sense. His scheme to save money on electricity is an excellent leap of illogicality. Takemoto’s relation with Hagu-chan is odd in this episode as she reveals herself as a doll’s dress maker, and her doll collection really does make her seem like a young girl.

The best parts of this episode are those to do with the doomed secret loves, where every party is aware of the others’ secrets. They choose to ignore this knowledge and let a stalemate carry on. When Yamada reveals her emotions (she doesn’t yell at Mayama in the street because she dislikes him!) to Morita, it’s pretty powerful. Morita is nice, if shrouded in mystery.

Honey & Clover is funny, and introspective, and really just a group of characters based around an art school. Somehow, it’s popular … but rightfully so.

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