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“The Visit”

This episode, the character designs seemed a little off; a pity, considering the importance of its content when it comes to the relationship of young William and Emma.
For those interested, here is the newspaper that Mr. Jones was reading.

In this episode, Richard Jones realises that his son William is a lazy sod who doesn’t do any work and hasn’t got himself married off yet. When he learns that Kelly has injured her ankle, he decides that he and William must pay a visit to the Stowner residence.
There Richard tells Kelly of William’s engagement to Eleanor; this is news to William, and anger bursts forth from the seams.

There is one really hilarious line in the episode, after argument about marriage. Sure, for them to argue was important for Emma to know what she was going against, but this anime is about a society where you reveal nothing. To fight at someone else’s house, that’s just not on.

The other interesting thing about this episode is the discussion of education, and how it is becoming the new big thing for people to do to get ahead in society. The men don’t seem to buy into the idea, but the women think that it is a positive development. This is all a step towards creating a classless society … although one could say that, in England, this has not happened yet.

It was good to see William blushing for once, and his relationship with Emma looks like it had just developed into something that they were both comfortable with. Naturally, this is exactly why everything is going to go bad; but because this is Victorian (and also Japanese: a deadly combination) romance, no one is going to acknowledge it.
Hakim now seems to just be hanging around, like an unwanted houseguest. He sits atop roofs all day, smoking with his harem. Perhaps he would be better off going back to India, but not before dispensing some more of his canny yet impractisable advice.

What one really needs to know is how long this series is supposed to be? Is it halfway over, with only seven episodes left? Does it have no fixed point of exit?

Next time: The Glass Palace! Will it be a “trapped in a place together” episode?

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