Emma – episode 8

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Depressing. Emma is entering pure spoiler territory now, so be warned! If you’re watching it, don’t read this until you’ve seen the episode. Or just look at the pretty pictures.

In this episode, Mrs. Stowner’s health is deteriorating rapidly. Unfortunately, the doctors can’t do anything about it as there was even less of a cure for old age in Victorian London than there is now. At the same time William has been writing copious letters to Emma and is finally ready to tell his father of his feelings.
Unfortunately, Richard Jones isn’t hearing any of this; William is still determined to secure the love of Emma and the approval of his family. Hakim certainly isn’t a help. I think he is beginning to believe that he is outstaying his welcome.

This was a good episode, but really sad even before the ending. The idea of an old woman resigning herself to death is sad enough, but expecting a doctor to cure that death is … well, it’s too much. It’s hard to say anything about this episode; the name of the next says it all: “Alone”.

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