Tide-Line Blue – episode 3

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“Dhola Vira”

Now it’s sixty billion dead. Make up your minds, damnit!

Tean stays quiet with Aoi, while Keel makes his way around the submarine and learns about Dhola Vira, the arch current caused by the “Hammer of Eden” that wiped out so much of the Earth’s surface those few years ago.
This means that we get at least a vague idea of what has happened to the planet, and very nicely animated at that.

While I appreciate the humour present in this series, I think that it would be better if Keel didn’t go SD faced all the time, in just about every scene. When Gould was showing Keel the world as it was, how drowned and hopeless it had become, I would have appreciated it if Keel was paying attention for once. To add to this issue is the fact that the scene ends with just about the worst joke ever (note that here the judgement “worst” is not even qualitative, it’s just I can’t really think of a worse anime joke right now). At least Keel’s dilemma in relation to Isla’s childbirth is being handled well.

Tide-Line Blue is beginning to shed some light on the pressing issues at hand, such as the Hammer of Eden and the presence of many ostriches on Yabitsu, which suggests that Isla’s ostrich was not a simple random gimmick. Yet I get the distinct feeling that there is too much that this series is not telling me. I’m all for intrigue series that keep their cards close to their chests, but Tide-Line Blue is concealing a few elements that I would consider fundamental and it makes me uneasy.

All of that said, the scenery is consistently beautiful. Yabitsu was a nice enough island, but Gould’s submarine after having breached the surface travels through some truly spectacular landscapes. Drowned worlds that look this good – light dappling through dark clouds, purple skies et al – almost makes one wish that the world would drown. Of course, that would be highly impractical and also quite irresponsible. We will not discuss Project Dewdrop again.

Tide-Line Blue, I quite like you, but please, tell me more! Perhaps episode four is the right time for some well placed revelations.

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