Tide-Line Blue – episode 4

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“Roles – Share”

This is frustrating: Keel proves himself to be an impotent hero.

This show is just piling problem upon problem in relation to Keel’s inner self: he can’t tell Isla that he didn’t deliver her baby, he can’t tell Gould about his moral objections to their mission and, of course, he’s still in shock from the last episode’s urination incident.
On the non-Ulysses front, Aoi takes Teen to see an American oil king named King who owns an oil ranch known as King Oil to secure American support for the New United Nations.

There is not a lot to say about this episode, partly because I took so long in getting around to writing it up, and partly because there was very little to it apart from the frustration of watching Keel entirely fail to communicate with the crew of the Ulysses.

Interesting things to note are that in the new world, most people born around the time of the Hammer of Eden are illiterate and unfamiliar with computers. The Ulysses, of course, is equipped with USB ports on every front. The other thing is that there are no effective means of communication over distance: news of the attack on Yabitsu only reaches King when Aoi delivers the news in person, so it is clear that the world is in a crippled semi-technological phase.

While this world is interesting, I’m starting to think that the personal relationships are off because of Keel’s sheer inability combined with the Ulysses crew members’ stubbornness. I leave you with evidence of both the beauty of this anime and the state of its ecological planning – an actual explanation of the space program:

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