WETA Workshop: Richard Taylor talks about Evangelion movie

October 14, 2005 on 11:32 pm | In Anime News | 4 Comments

Richard Taylor, co-owner of the WETA Workshop, announced tonight at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo that pre-production has resumed on the Evangelion film.

In May 2003 John Ledford, CEO of ADV Films, approached WETA and asked them to start development work for a Neon Genesis Evangelion film. Taylor was glad to accept, and work progressed for six months.
At that time, in Taylor’s words, the project “fell off the face of the planet”. With no word of production, WETA was forced to cease work.

About four months ago, at ComicCon in San Diego, the producer who had been working on the Evangelion film was flagged down by Taylor at the WETA booth. They went out to drink. Someone at the bar recognised Taylor, and posed the question “What’s happening with the Evangelion movie?”
Taylor agreed, and asked the producer the same question; for every one Lord of the Rings or Kong email WETA receives, they receive 25 about Evangelion.

A short while later, Taylor and Ledford made their way to Tokyo, to visit Studio GAINAX. Taylor said that GAINAX is known for being fiercely protective of their properties, and they were somewhat nervous. The work that had been done on Lord of the Rings and the “filmic phenomena” that ensued counted in their favour, and Taylor had prepared a six minute example of the design work that they had done for the film. As it turns out, WETA had continued to work on Evangelion “in their spare time”.

GAINAX were quite impressed with the pitch that had been made, and thusly Evangelion was put back on track. Taylor added to the story that on his way out of GAINAX, he saw Anno Hideaki, Evangelion’s director, eating his lunch and watching dailies.
They got to talking, and it turned out that they have a shared passion: steam trains. This sense of camaraderie bodes well for the project; short of The Hobbit, tangled in its legal rights, Taylor says that this is the project that he is most excited to work on.

Ledford and Taylor spent the remainder of their trip pitching to financiers. Matt Greenfield, co-founder of ADV Films, is presently in Oceania on holiday and reportedly to meet with WETA.

Taylor says that WETA’s full scale role in Evangelion production should follow soon after work on Halo is complete.


  1. I am excited for this yet very fearful. I want this to be made yet I don’t want it to be made. Is there something wrong with me? ;_;

    I guess I just don’t want to see a bastardization of my favorite anime series. But who knows, if this ever does get made it could be quite good.

    About seeing Anno on his way out, that was just great. =P

    Comment by KT Kore — October 15, 2005 #

  2. I’ve been nothing but apprehensive about this project, but seeing Richard Taylor and the sheer enthusiasm he has for WETA’s work was a great encouragement.

    As for bastardisation, apparently Matt Greenfield today said that they were considering making an Evangelion trilogy to cover the “whole story”. I missed that panel, so I’ll ask him about it tomorrow.

    Comment by Alex Doenau — October 15, 2005 #

  3. It would be great if, should this movie ever be made, that it was successful enough to make a trilogy financially plausable because a trilogy is just what the property needs. If they were just planning on making one movie then I see no way to make it anything like the original story. They would have to make major changes in that case. But a trilogy will give them lots more to work with; to make it more of an actual adaptation rather than just some retelling.

    I agree with you. I’m glad to hear such excitement from them, to actually not give up on the project and to keep asking around about it. At least they have their hearts in it. That’s always a good sign.

    Comment by KT Kore — October 16, 2005 #

  4. I would hate to see the best anime of all time”Evangelion”be distroyed by having to short of a runtime.I feel anyone that has watched evangelion would apresheate a trilogy do to the fact that its a very indepth anime.The only thing I fear of is the change of names I feel this would be a large let down for fans and personaly I hope that Anno Hideaki decides to keep the original names.I think little things like that would be the largest problem with the fans satisfaction.This and character visual differences as well.So I hope they take their time.

    Comment by Sheldon St.fleurant — January 8, 2006 #

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