New season woes

October 24, 2005 on 11:22 pm | In Site News | 5 Comments

I don’t know what’s wrong, but I can’t get up the enthusiasm to watch any of the new season shows, short of Angel Heart (which has yet to be picked up) and Paradise Kiss.

I’ve actually watched the second episode of Paradise Kiss and I must say that it was fairly well excellent – a grand improvement on the first. I’ve also just finished watching Tide-Line Blue, but I am too tired to write at the moment.

It’s a problem I’ve been having lately: fierce writing backlog. Very rarely I will send an article out onto the inter nets because I am sick of it, and I did that today with Howl’s Moving Castle. I’m just too busy at the moment; it’s been three weeks since I’ve watched a DVD, for eff’s sake!
If I’m not too lazy, maybe I’ll watch Black Cat. Maybe. I’ve got so many inconsistently released series going (ie Monster, Play Ball and The Snow Queen) that I don’t really need to pick up more, do I?

The point is, and this is not a hollow promise, Tide-Line Blue and Paradise Kiss tomorrow.

UPDATE: Sorry, too tired for ParaKiss. I took a night off writing so I could … watch anime.


  1. You could always watch and not blog. I always leave a couple of shows for that. I don’t write about every single thing I’m watching. =P

    I do wish someone would sub Angel Heart. I finally got my hands on City Hunter 1 and I freakin’ love it. I had never been able to single out a favorite character in all my years of anime watching, but I think Ryo’s got to be the one. Normally I can’t marathon through episodic shows like City Hunter, but man I had just finished an 8pm-5am marathon the other night. It was good times. I’m definitely picking up City Hunter 2, 3, ’91…all of it.

    Comment by KT Kore — October 25, 2005 #

  2. I need to, because Anime Pilgrimage is written as a selfish journal to chronicle what I watch. The only thing I haven’t written up over the last year is Wings of Honneamise, because I was still too immature in my writing to attempt to cover such a great movie.

    I’m always happy to see someone who loves City Hunter; I always feel like the majority hates the series. 2 is by far the best of the bunch, but 3 and ’91 still have their moments.
    It was one of my best Right Stuf coups, when they had their sale. It has its flaws, but it’s so hypnotic.

    Still … 8pm to 5am? Madness!

    Comment by Alex Doenau — October 25, 2005 #

  3. Have you seen Mushishi? I highly recommend it. Also, once the sub is available, if you have seen Rozen Maiden, why don’t you try Traumend? If you haven’t seen Rozen Maiden, I think the torrents are still available at Animesuki.

    Comment by Garten — October 26, 2005 #

  4. Didn’t see that Mushishi had been subbed. I will now look into it.

    I might pick up Rozen Maiden and then Traumend, but it’s not like I’m short on things to watch; I’ve got more than 200 DVDs in my backlog.

    I suppose the problem is that I’m kind of into “fringe” anime … but kind of distracted at the moment. We will see.

    Comment by Alex Doenau — October 26, 2005 #

  5. Mushishi has been subbed by C1 Anime. Yeah, it’s the same fansubber that did Honey and Clover. So I think they see the potential in the series as well. And since it’s C1 anime, I think we can expect a rather quick turnover for each new episode.

    Comment by Garten — October 27, 2005 #

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