Paradise Kiss – episode 2

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This second episode erased all of my doubts about Paradise Kiss; the stifling atmosphere of the first episode has turned into something “real”, and Yukari has become, rather than a bitch, introspective and mildly depressive.
I like this turn of events.

Yukari studies at the library every Sunday. George “coincidentally” happens to be studying there on the Sunday that begins this episode. They talk, and George makes Yukari feel as if she has something to say.
When her younger brother tells her that George actually called that morning to find out where she would be, she is only mildly pissed off – but she feels concerned that she can’t be sure if George was being genuine about the other things that he said. Yukari then talks to Miwako about the Paradise Kiss brand and decides that maybe she should be a model.

I was kind of right in my noting that there was no music in the first episode; a lot of the time there is no backing sound at all, which makes the situations feel more “real”. George and Yukari under the tree is blessedly silent, and the elation that Yukari feels thereafter is scored, to better effect than if there had been music all along.
Yukari is a character on the verge of an epiphany: real friends, first love, passion for something. Everyone wants something to feel passionate about, and it does not matter if you discover that passion through someone else. Yukari has been far too pessimistic up until now, and she still holds a bit of that fatalism close to her heart, but the important thing is that she’s decided to take a chance.

Most refreshing was the relationship between Arashi and Miwako, which was a total surprise. Through meeting someone in the last week, I have learned that gothic lolitas aren’t necessarily underage; it’s a fashion statement. Miwako is a bit short, but she’s not a kid; she’s truly a contemporary of the others. On the other side of the coin is Isabella, who is voiced by a woman and sounds like a woman. This is totally different to traditional anime transvestites, who normally have something about them to indicate manhood. It will be interesting to see if Isabella has anything but advice to give.

Also, and I’ve got to say this at least once in the series, I really hate the wipes that they use. The flower and frog wipes are not only annoying to look at, they serve only to emphasise how quick Kobayashi’s cuts are. ParaKiss would be better off without them.

Paradise Kiss is turning into the introspective fringe anime that I seem to live for; it’s definitely going to be the highlight of a very airy season for me.

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  1. yayy for gothic loli!

    Comment by Kim — October 30, 2005 #

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