Ginban Kaleidoscope – episode 2

November 10, 2005 on 7:05 pm | In Ginban Kaleidoscope | 1 Comment

“The Keyword is Tomato”

Fact: not going to the toilet for several days can prove fatal.

Tazusa is having a hard time coping with Pete possessing her. As such, at the start of this episode she has not been to the toilet for three days. When she discovers that Pete hates tomatoes, she begins to binge … then she has a conference with the press who hate her, and a meeting with her rival; all the while spent in intense pain!

The humour in this episode is better than in the first, and the establishment of a skating rivalry is appreciated. The physical manifestation of Pete makes the show much easier to watch but the limitations of the format make for very repetitive viewing, with Pete showing up at Tazusa’s side against a blue screen proving not very interesting to watch; Tazusa’s face and wild reactions have to relied upon to make the laughs.
The lesson learned is that there is something ever so ticklish about seeing a girl eat ten tomatoes whole in an attempt to anger a Canadian ghost.

While the strength of this show is Tazusa’s frequent, forceful anger, it was nice that this episode showed that she isn’t a bad person, nor is she too arrogant about her sport: she is, in reality, just an ambitious athlete and it is her unfortunate fate to be hated by the press. The other insight is into the mysterious workings of Heaven; you’d think they’d be better organised!

Ginban Kaleidoscope is far from inspirational (or inspired), but it’s quite enjoyable and the design really doesn’t bother me.

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  1. i really like ginban kaleidoscope. it makes me excite…,

    Comment by lovely_mOKona — April 26, 2009 #

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