Paradise Kiss – episode 11

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George is arrogant, but concedes that he is arrogant. The issue that holds Paradise Kiss back is that it has so many damned mixed messages surrounding those that Yukari has her closest relationships with.

Warning: Fashion show results revealed within!

Yukari walks on the stage, head held high. After all of that, the team comes second. Yukari is disappointed, but everyone else is happy with the result. Meanwhile, George is way too insular about the whole damned thing.

I really don’t know what I think of Paradise Kiss any more. I can’t stand George a lot of the time, but sometimes he performs acts of kindness. I feel that he has given Yukari something very important, and that in the end she will be strong enough to survive without him. I was amazed that he displayed an actual sense of romance, though.

The best aspect of this story was that, while Yukari’s mother can seem angry, violent and cold-hearted, she is capable of demonstrable love. Incidentally, I thought that the design of the number one dress was bug-ugly.

(I know the final episode is already available, but give me time)

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