Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora – episode 3

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“The End of Ezaki’s collection … and”

Let me preface this article with the following: if the hospital featured in HanTsuki was real, I would personally see to it that it was razed and rebuilt as a new hospital with a staff not composed of unprofessional bastards.

Basically, I really hate Natsume. Even though I can understand his actions, I do not believe them justifiable or forgivable. Rika and Yuuichi get on fine, but … Natsume!

Episode spoilers due to my distaste for the contents

Yuuichi goes on a late night mission to recover the book that Rika stupidly threw at him at the end of the last episode. His reward is her forgiveness and another fever. Rika agrees to forgive Yuuichi entirely if he burns his porn collection. He does this, but his ultimate reward? Being punched to the ground by Natsume twice, then being repeatedly kicked in the ribs.

Yes: doctor on patient violence. I’m almost certain that in episode four Natsume will not be called into account for his actions. If, in the real world, doctors were allowed to beat patients upon discovering that another of their patients was likely to die – I would choose to stay out of the medical system altogether.
I’m not saying doctors should be unfeeling machines, but they should be more in control of their emotions than this. HanTsuki, because of Natsume, has angered me more than any other anime in recent memory – perhaps ever.

On the positive side: the Midnight on the Galactic Railroad bond was strong; Yuuichi’s dream world was a nice realisation of his true desires; the final realisation of Yuuichi was strong enough.

Personally, I would have given the porn to Zebra Kamen; he would have known what to do. Otherwise, HanTsukiis not fantasy but completely fails at representing anything real about the world. It fails as a human drama because the characters are horrible people who suck at their jobs.
Increasingly hard sell.


  1. Oh my goodness.

    Comment by pasokon — March 8, 2006 #

  2. Not all of Tada’s collection seems to be porn; he seems to have his share of manga as well…

    Why does Yuuichi burn all of it? I’d at least save the manga if I were him.

    Comment by Daniel Song — June 29, 2006 #

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