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“Both our hands”

Nice conclusion, but there’s no way I can recommend HanTsuki. It has too many flaws: irrational characters, a complete disregard for the laws of medicine, and slipshod animation.

If you’ve started watching HanTsuki, then know that you can finish it up okay. Otherwise there are better ways to spend 150 minutes.

Conclusion spoilers

Yuuichi is banned from seeing Rika because her mother is concerned for her welfare. Natsume relates more of his own life story (through the prism of “an associate”, the coward), and Yuuichi ultimately goes on a foolhardy adventure.

For those wondering: Rika doesn’t die, but she will. This was the best statement about the episode. Natsume talking about how sticking with a dying person ruins your life didn’t factor the core of the argument: the dying person themselves.
The “one day at a time” approach that Rika and Yuuichi took to the affair at the end was precisely the right way to go about it and is clearly one of the few good decisions made by any of the characters in this show.

There’s precious little else to say beyond what I’ve already said, as HanTsuki laid its cards and its flaws out pretty damed early. The one thing I find strange is that this is about the only episode that any of the characters showed any regard for doctor patient privilege.
HanTsuki was by turns too bitter or stupid (or both at once) to be sweet. It is not necessary to pay it any heed.

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  1. If I were in Yuuichi’s position I probably would’ve chosen Miyuki. Sometimes you have to go for the home run; other times you have to play the odds… needless to say his odds are a lot better with Miyuki.

    Comment by Daniel Song — June 29, 2006 #

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