Shinigami no Ballad – episode 3

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“Beyond the Light”

General consensus on this episode is that it’s different to the first two. I agree, but I don’t like the ways in which it is different. I’m normally a fan of understatement, but this episode is understated to the point that virtually nothing happens.

Kantarou’s RPG loving grandfather has recently died. Among his posessions, his grandfather left a “treasure” map as their final game together. Kantarou plans to visit his grandfather’s village and see the game through alone, but he is joined by his best friend Tomato, who seems to have a suspicious agenda.

This episode is very pretty, but it features lame effects for framing the past (a blurry white ovoid enclosure) and is more interesting for the fact that it features both a PS2 and PSP than it is for anything else. It’s a naturalistic tale that shows the interactions between Kantarou and Tomato in a slightly warm, but also detached, fashion.

Momo and Daniel (the wingéd cat, who I have so far neglected to name) had a very minimal presence and were next to pointless to the story. I mean, this episode was nice enough but something about it didn’t click.

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