Honey & Clover ni-go and State of the Nation

March 28, 2006 on 6:49 pm | In Site News | 2 Comments

All over the inter net is the news that Honey & Clover has been granted a sequel. Some worry that lightning isn’t going to strike twice – especially with the great ending offered by the first series.

The other news is that I’m this close to kicking the arse off of my sub backlog which means I can return to the world of DVDs and maybe even get some university work done.

I’ve also been quite disturbed to read that people think no one writes about “older” shows any more: I would like to point to my two years’ worth of archives which stretch back as far as 1977.

PS. I tried all night to fix up this god forsaken corner of the internet. I’ll reinstate lost comments tomorrow.


  1. I say, it’s excellent news for Hachikuro. Unfortunately, there’s a “but”. As much as I am enthused with the idea of a second season, it’s difficult to re-create magic. I suppose in the capable hands of Kenichi Kasai — whom I assume will direct the sequel –, my worries might be alleviated (especially with his track record this past year).

    BTW, the backlog of hell is eternal. And I’m afraid, it is impossible to defeat. ;p

    Comment by Ten — March 28, 2006 #

  2. I don’t see how they can eff a second series of Honey & Clover. I could be wrong, but I’m going for a City Hunter 2 vibe in my head (that being the best series of that legendary program).

    It depends on which backlog you’re talking about; the fansub backlog is the one I have to keep on top of, or else I die.

    The DVD backlog – I have about two or three hundred anime DVDs that lay unwatched – I can let that sit there and grow, without worry. It’s a less transient world.

    Comment by Alex — March 29, 2006 #

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