Binchou-tan – episode 5

March 26, 2006 on 6:39 pm | In Binchou-tan | 1 Comment

“Kimono memories bin”

Another semi-depressing episode of Binchou-tan.

Binchou-tan gets a job at a bakery, but trades it with Chiku-tan’s school job so that Chiku-tan may go to a tool market. At the school, Binchou-tan runs into the rich -tan; she then recalls memories of her grandmother.

The abject poverty and loneliness of Binchou-tan are obvious in this episode, and that is sad. One can see that Binchou-tan really needs contact with others to get ahead, but also that she is very old fashioned. Only she and Chiku-tan’s family wear kimono and keep to a “traditional” lifestyle, while everyone else is living in a different era.
What Binchou-tan considers elegant is considered tatty by others, but she still has her pride and a friendship with Chiku-tan. The rich -tan obviously didn’t mean to offend Binchou-tan, but I think that they should reach out to each other for ultimate happiness.

When watching episodes like these, one can’t help but think “poor Binchou-tan”. What an interesting show.

1 Comment

  1. […] Now – while certainly not in Fireflies’ league – several otaku comment that Binchou-tan is a fairly morose series. Given that it is kid-oriented, it certainly wasn’t going to end on a down-note, as Don observed with relief. Still, I just don’t consider loneliness and angst to have entertainment value. Whether or not the series is worth it for us would be how well it meets my Guidelines for Child-Friendly Anime or not. It’s kind of a moot point given that there is no dubbed Region 1 for Binchou-tan anyway, only fansubs. […]

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