Girls’ High – episode 5

May 17, 2006 on 12:06 am | In Girls' High | 3 Comments

“The swimsuit, the beauty and the macho teacher”

Girls’ High tries drama. It’s shallow and transparent, but it isn’t eye-gougingly terrible.

The girls meet Yuma’s sister Momoka, a being of pure evil. They are not smart enough to recognise a malevolent smile, and so they welcome her into their midst.

When this show isn’t featuring lousy dialogue and situations, you can console yourself by focusing on the lousy character design and animation: you can combine both of these aspects when you see the Macho teacher’s chest in action.

This episode features the infamous pube removal scene (which outed at least one person as a Girls’ High watcher), which gave rise to such dialogical gems as this, after a falling out:

Momoka is a lousy villain, and tthe girls are fools if they can’t see right through her. This had better be only a two part story so we can returrn to crappy, unfunny, hypocritical perversion … or heads will roll!


  1. I never said I wouldn’t continue. In fact, the pube scene made me very certain that I will watch this show. What other anime has pube plucking as a bond forging activity?

    Comment by tj han — May 17, 2006 #

  2. Heh. Episode 4 was the one that killed the rest of my brain cells. I miss them.

    Fortunately, I had no desire to watch this one. I think it would have gotten the brain stem down to the bottom of the spinal cord and left me a drooling, babbling idiot.

    Oh wait, make that: “a worse drooling, babbling idiot.”

    Comment by ubu roi — May 17, 2006 #

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