Yakitate!! Japan – episode 64

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“A traditional taste!! The heart that thinks of Japan is just one!”

After an obscene three minute recap of the previous episode, this instalment of Yakitate!! Japan had nowhere to go but up. Up it went, with roughly 4.7 billion reactions on display.

Kuroyanagi tries Pantasia’s bread first, which means that Norihei is going to win. That’s not the fun of the episode, though: you’ll find the joy in the form of Kuroyanagi getting married and divorced for the sake of a reaction, and then … the world changes.

It’s the sort of episode that is full of great visuals, but also a lot of dialogue to accompany those images. As such, I have a very meagre display for you. When an episode is so packed with sight gags, though, it’s probably for the best to let any potential Yakitate!! watchers discover them for themselves. The breadth of the reaction is truly spectacular in the oldest sense of the word, and is guaranteed to rock your world.

As for the way that the competition has worked itself out: I’m not actually sure if Pantasia lost five squares and thus completely ruined the competition. The episode was so intent on making Norihei a happy, wise and honorable competitor that no one could bring themselves to worry about it. They’ll keep on going, never to give up! The next episode is “Panda no pan da!”, so it’s guaranteed to be excellence in a jar. Rediscovering your roots can be a good thing.

I’ve read that Yakitate!! Japan is going to finish at episode 69, because they’ve run out of manga. If this means that they need to make up a conclusion for “Yakitate!! 9”, I’m okay with that. Due to the lack of shounen in my diet, I’ve never suffered “filleritis” before. Yakitate!! Japan is something you can’t fake, and now it’s on a clear track for the finale.

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