Yakitate!! Japan – Panda no pan da! (episodes 65-66)

May 30, 2006 on 7:10 pm | In Yakitate!! Japan | 2 Comments

“The fearful revenge!! The Panda man appears!”
“The miraculous steamed bread!! The day Panda became a panda!”

The return of Mokoyama, this time as a panda! An hour special, “Panda no pan da!” is high on entertainment.

The episode begins with the revelation that the producer of Yakitate!! 9 is cheating by revealing the locations to Kirisaki in advance – hence the stunt casting.
This time, the theme is steamed bread in Gero … and the opponent is the “mysterious” Panda-chan (instantly recognisable, don’t worry).

I don’t really understand the approach of Kirisaki to this competition. He truly is the worst sort of competitor ever, in that he cares only for the result. Cheating is such a hollow victory, I find. The producer’s plan to have a bear eat the Pantasia team was also remarkably stupid.
Kirisaki also shows his complete lack of understanding when it comes to the bakers that he employs. He claimed that Mokoyama came back to him due to having discarded his feelings in order to become the ultimate baker.
This is a lie! Mokoyama has rediscovered his passion for bread and is dedicated to having a good time with it! If you show that little understanding of other people, Kirisaki, you are in the words of Azuma “a failure as a human being”. That’s much more fitting for Kirisaki than it is Kawachi, any day of the week.

Sometimes I like the way that Kawachi treats his situation; I thought that his declaration “I bring good luck to our mundane days” sounded particularly nice. Also notable is that Kawachi’s reaction included the other worker from the store. He hasn’t been seen for such a long time that I can’t remember his name, and I’ll preserve that which I wrote in my notes: “Kinoko Atama“. That should do. Weird to see him, it certainly was.

The restoration of the quality of Yakitate!! Japan has been quite heartening, and we just might be able to reach a satisfactory conclusion in the next four episodes.
Kuro-yan is dead …

Yukino is the opponent next time! She’s got some kind of blizzard hands! Moeruzou!


  1. Hmm just saw this episode earlier.. All the while I was thinking that St. Pierre was just lucky by getting the appropriate baker for the place, esp. wd that norihei guy… well.. once again, they are cheating.. whats new? lol

    looking forward to the next episode… the witch cooking?

    Comment by Silkenhut — May 31, 2006 #

  2. The Panda guy is weird – but he was sweet to Mizuno.

    Comment by Nadine Ip — March 19, 2008 #

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