Binchou-tan – episode 10

June 5, 2006 on 11:34 pm | In Binchou-tan | 5 Comments

“Season of Sweet Potatoes Bin”

Looks like Binchou-tan has become a two episodes at a time OVA. Suits me fine, if we get such an awesome ondo ED.

This is an autumn episode, and the moment Binchou-tan began collecting acorns and chestnuts, and saw a squirrel, my first thought was “kuri to risu”. Damn you, Ebichu! You’ve ruined my life!

Binchou-tan trades some mushrooms for sweet potatoes and spreads them amongst her friends.

We get a lonely Binchou-tan ending, but then she remembers that while she may not live with them, she now has genuine friends. Her letter to Kunugi-tan at the end of this instalment damn near made me cry.

These girls are simple, but super sweet. No perverted hamster is going to get in the way of my enjoyment of this program.


  1. This series scares me. When the time comes that it’s released in region 1, I’m going to be extremely torn. On one level it’s cute and in fact it may be heart warming. On another level it sounds like it could be extremely depressing, and I don’t like to be depressed.

    It’ll probably depend on how it ends.

    Comment by Steven Den Beste — June 6, 2006 #

  2. Well… Binchou-tan’s not rich in material goods, but she’s pretty happy and apparently quite fulfilled otherwise, unlike Kunogi-tan who has all those material goods, but is lonely in comparison. BAsically, her situation would depress you or me, but she seems quite content with it.

    Besides, it’s pretty short, 12 minutes per episode, so it’d probably fit on one DVD with a lot of room to spare.

    Comment by Haesslich — June 6, 2006 #

  3. Probably it will be released on 2 DVDs. Bottle Fairy was 13 episodes that were 15 minutes each, and it was released on two DVDs.

    Comment by Steven Den Beste — June 6, 2006 #

  4. I’m not sure, given the current climate of horror in the anime DVD industry, that Binchou-tan will be licenced. Over the last year or two, licence announcements have been thin to non-existent. Binchou-tan doesn’t have anything approaching the appeal of Bottle Fairy to a wde audience.

    Anyway, my view of the series arc is this: Observe Binchou-tan, living a lonely life. Gradually, she comes to realise that she is different from the rest of the world simply by participating in it … but when she gains friends this stops mattering. Loneliness can be overcome and young girls with coal on their heads can prevail!

    Comment by Alex — June 6, 2006 #

  5. i can only get my hands on 5 episodes 🙁

    Comment by sarah — June 15, 2006 #

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