Binchou-tan – episode 12

June 12, 2006 on 11:29 pm | In Binchou-tan | 5 Comments

“A Letter to the Sky Bin”

I welled up at the end.

It’s New Year and all of the -tans go to the shrine to ring it in, with the exception of Binchou-tan, sick in bed.

The theme that has been in place throughout the series came to a head here, with a tear-inducingly beautiful ending.

“It happened because you worked hard for it, Bin.”


  1. Great series, I think. I noticed that a few folks dropped it when they realized that it is an anime for small children. So, it is, but it’s still great for what it is.

    I didn’t see anything tear-inducing, there wasn’t any retarded angst and pity. Which is good.

    Comment by Pete Zaitcev — June 13, 2006 #

  2. Something doesn’t need to have angst or pity (and not all angst or pity is “retarded” as you so delicately put it) to make one well with tears. It happens to me for beautiful things, like the conclusion of a character arc with a super happy ending perfect in its simplicity.

    Comment by Alex — June 13, 2006 #

  3. Well, AOMM was snarking with “the first pity-based anime is chugging along” and so on. I suspect a few pundits got hung upon the burnt hole in the sheet.

    Comment by Pete Zaitcev — June 13, 2006 #

  4. It’s not exactly for small children… but it’s not exactly Gundam either. 😀 It’s short, sweet, and mild – and complemented REC well, at least in sentiment. Still, you’d almost think she was the one dying there, with the flashbacks to previous episodes… right up till the end, anyways.

    Comment by Haesslich — June 13, 2006 #

  5. i thought it was very cute i got into it wen i saw a pic on a site of her in a bowl of rice i thought it was so funny that i went and checked it out ! n i loved it i didnt care that it was suposed to be for little kids !

    Comment by sarah — June 15, 2006 #

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