Ouran High School Host Club – episode 17

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“A holiday that Kyouya didn’t ask for”

I vote that we have a series of episodes in which Haruhi goes on dates with the individual members of the Host Club so that the audience can decide which one they love the most. Actually, that’s what’s already happened. Ignore me.

Kyouya is abducted by the club, who go on an expedition to a commoner’s mall (Bonmal, which may be related to the animation studio in charge of this progduction). They accidentally abandon him there without a wallet or phone, and so his only saviour is a chance encounter with Haruhi. Who realises that he’s not a total bastard.

We already know well enough that Haruhi is a project to the club, who want to escape from their bubble so that they can see how “the other side” lives. Once more, people who are what most of us would consider “normal” are the poorest of the poor, the most common of the common. Perhaps some day someone really paranoid about their class will stand up against Ouran High School Host Club, knife swinging and feeling condescended to. The series is actually making fun of the rich who have no concept of reality, but let’s ignore that entirely. This show is mean to poor people!

The “evil” side of Kyouya is fun because he puts on a rude voice and the evil eye. What makes it funny is the fact that all of the girls around him “kyaaa~!” over him even more than they do over his normal kind of politeness. What we can glean from this is that everything about Kyouya is an act: he’s not the king of politeness and covert scheming that we see in the context of the Club, nor is he the cold hearted bastard that we can see in meritless situations. His true “mentor” is Tamaki, who is always honest to the point of stupidity.
So who is the real Kyouya? The real Kyouya has been cannibalised by his family, so maybe we’ll never quite know. I’m inclined to think that he secretly enjoys performing great works, regardless of his audience. Maybe Haruhi can chip away to his core, but that’s so incredibly cliche that my head explodes simply at the thought; but then, that’s what this particular series thrives on.

More good stuff. Who could not fall in love with Power Renge? Honestly.


  1. The manga has gone into Tamaki and Kyouya’s backstory so we do know the real Kyouya. He’s not that deep but is rather is very human.

    Comment by tj han — August 10, 2006 #

  2. Well, we know what the real Kyouya was like two years ago. ^^;; But now… I find Kyouya the most intriguing character in the story because one can never be sure of his real motivations and goals (well, aside from trying to make the best impression on his father so he can inherit the family business). Just when one thinks that it became clear, that “hey, what do you know, deep down Kyouya is actually really selfless and wears a mask to hide it, yadda yadda” he does something that makes one question this. (It’s most apparent during the American Footbal Club/School Festival arc of the manga and I really hope it’ll make it into the anime.) My idea is that he’s doing his best to balance everything in his life, from his family and his friends to his personal ambitions; and he’s trying to gain the most from every situation and relationship, both for himself and for the people who are important to him. And while he says he regards this as a game, he seems to take it very seriously, and I wonder how long he’ll be able to keep it up and what lengths he is prepared to go to reach his goals.
    (Thank god Ouran is not a drama… if one thinks about it, all main characters are seriously damaged young people. If the story took itself any more seriously we would drown in angst.)

    Comment by kuromitsu — August 10, 2006 #

  3. um someone commented haruhi went on a date with all the members… I dunno about u but I only remember her going with hikaru, kaoru, tamaki and kyouya (techinically the mall thing was their date rite?) but wat about honey and mori???? I havent seen or read that ep. yet! Can u tell me more about it?
    Also do you guys know any good webs to watch this cuz I go to imeem and stuff but loads slow! please tell me!

    Comment by Ploi — June 9, 2008 #

  4. I love Kyouya but this episode really brings out what he truly is. ^^ It’s so funny though!

    Comment by Pleasing_Me_5 — October 29, 2008 #

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