Kiba – episodes 22-24

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“Maze of Memories”, “Bonds” and “The Yellow Shard of Happiness”

These episodes were of high enough quality that I don’t need to make joke titles, except for the third and final:
“The Yellow Shard of Fillerness”

It’s funny that Kiba can bring an unremarkable if satisfactory conclusion to a story arc, then immediately follow it up with stupid comedy to fill in the time. If this is only a 26 episode series, we’ve got only two episodes left to reconcile Noa’s evilness and Hugh’s ambition with Zed’s own power, and we also have to explain Zed’s mother into the deal.
Much as I hate to say it, I’m voting 52 episodes. Admittedly, Kiba wouldn’t have needed them if it hadn’t wasted so much time on getting around to it. “It” being anything worthwhile, really.

Roia Spoilers

Roia is very briefly involved in a plot by a man named Norman to kill her father, Morocco. She promptly forgets about all of this when she’s given the chance to meet her mother.

When that story comes to an end, three of Robes’ maids embark on a pointless journey to find happiness.

The reason I had Jesara and Despara confused before is because Despara killed Jesara so Jesara took revenge on Despara by possessing her body from time to time. You know how it is.

This storyline was surprisingly sensitive, and concluded with a speed that would have suited well many of the other story arcs that Kiba has suffered through (the “Crazy Rebecca” story, for one).

There are good things in this story but also the requisite number of hilariously bad things, like screaming matches. It’s like an episode of Arrested Development except the humour is entirely unintentional.

I think that the less said about the Yellow Shard episode, the better. If you insert maids into your show for maid adventures, you’re pandering. Toss in an ugly pimp and the illogical fallacy that the villains of the episode have no idea who Robes is (your national hero, remember?) and you’ve got … quality stuff.
Heck, the young maid says “deshu” instead of “desu”! It’s like they’re trying to make all of someone’s dreams come true at once! I hope they’re not your dreams. If they are, we can’t be friends any more.

Kiba, I found, goes down smoother if you’ve got a lot of it to swallow at once. It’s the traditional “speed = less time to notice flaws” equation.

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  1. Woohoo, new review 🙂

    This Roia arc resolved pretty quickly. Maybe a little too quickly, if anything…

    I actually found the maid ep pretty cute 😛 WAFFy.

    Comment by MechR — September 18, 2006 #

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